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The Department of Children and Families is pleased to announce the 2018 Child Protection Summit Call for Workshop Proposals. The annual Summit is the largest child welfare event in Florida, and the department anticipates the convening of more than 3,000 child welfare professionals and related partners, including attorneys, case managers, child advocates, child protective investigators and supervisors, Child Protection Team staff, child welfare trainers, court staff, DCF staff, relative caregivers, foster and adoptive parents, guardians ad litem, judges, law enforcement, juvenile justice professionals, service providers, and youth.


Registration, Hotel Reservation Information & Workshop Schedule: Available June 2018

Questions? Contact AK Consulting Group (850) 523-4200 or 252-347-1402

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Hosted by NSWM: Network for Social Management. Working in the human services can be very stressful. Long hours, low compensation and helping people at their lowest points demands a lot of physical, emotional and psychological energy that often leads to burnout. However, it is possible to create workplaces that support and promote mental health and well-being. This webinar explores managerial strategies for creating healthier and happier workplaces and workforces in the human services sector.

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The University of South Florida is seeking experienced trainer for a full-time position. The individual is responsible for providing project management and oversight of daily operations for a Trainer Coaching and Competency program to train and evaluate child welfare pre-service trainers in Florida. This position is responsible for project management, supervision of trainers and staff, development of training curricula, database management and monthly reporting responsibilities, in support of program development and training delivery activities statewide.

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The University of South Florida is seeking experienced trainer for a full-time position. The individual will serve as one of the Coaching and Competency Program team trainers for the Trainer Coaching and Competency Program to train and evaluate child welfare Pre-Service trainers in Florida. This position will work towards the implementation and ongoing education of a statewide “Train the Trainer” program to provide instruction, coaching and evaluation of Pre-Service trainers in the state.

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Hosted by ATD: Association for Talent Development. Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties, become more adept at managing change, and come out stronger than ever, rather than becoming overwhelmed and drained. In a volatile and ever-changing world and workplace, resilience has become one of the most significant traits for managers and staff to develop. While some people seem to be more naturally adaptable than others, anyone can become stronger and more buoyant by learning and practicing proven resilience-building strategies. In this webcast, you will learn ways to build personal power and confidence; foster change stamina; and nurture and nourish your resilience.

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Are you familiar with The Center for Child Welfare? If you have anything to do with the Child Welfare System in Florida, then you should be! We are a one- stop shop for training, resources and information for anyone working with or caring for children and families in Florida. We invite you to attend our informative live webinar where you can learn about our core functions and how we help the entire system of care. Find out what resources we have available in our extensive knowledge library and learn how you can view our online trainings to earn training hours.

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The Department of Children and Families is pleased to offer this free training for Child Welfare Professionals. For questions about these events, please contact Valerie Carnett Valerie.carnett@myflfamilies.com.

Gail Price-Wise, President of the Center for Cultural Competence, Inc., will present a one-day training on Cultural Competence. This training will educate Child Welfare Professionals on how important it is that they are aware of and understand the dynamics of cultural competence when working with Florida’s racially diverse population. In addition, this training will help the Child Welfare Professional become accustomed to and understand different cultures, especially those they are most likely to be working with.

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