Child Placement Agreement

Statewide Policy and Memos
CFOP 170-11, Chpater 4 - Child Placement Agreements for Care Precautions and Behavior Management Plans
DCF Memo - Revised Chapter 4
Child Placement Agreement - Field Version
Child Placement Agreement Questions and Answers
Reports and Training Presentations
Child Placement Agreement Pilot Project Final Report (12/28/16)
Child Placement Agreement Pilot Data Summary (12/07/2016)
Statewide Webinar - Overview of CFOP 170-11, Ch 4 (6/30/16)
Statewide Presentation - Child Placement Agreements Quality Review Results (12/7/16)
Statewide Presentation - Pilot Site Meeting (12/7/16)
Big Bend CBC Closeout Report
Brevard Family Partnership Training Presentation
Brevard Family Partnership Care Placement Agreements Workflow (Licensed OHC) (8/19/16)
Brevard Family Partnership Child Placement Agreements Workflow (Rel/Non-Rel Care) (8/19/16)
ChildNet Training Presentation
ChildNet Closeout Report