Ideas, Questions & Answers

Let Kids Be Kids Law (Begins July 1, 2013)
What is the Normalcy Plan?
Sample Normalcy Plan Worksheet
Are children in care allowed to spend the night away from their foster home?
At what age should a foster youth choose and educational goal/plan? What should be included and can it be changed?
Can a youth in care obtain a learner’s permit?
Is parental permission required prior to a child in care receiving a haircut?
What is the role of a group home in normalcy?
What liability does a Foster Parent have in allowing a foster youth to participate in age appropriate activities?
Additional Normalcy Questions and Answers
Common Myths and Facts about Normalcy: Dont Say "NO" Before You KNOW (Feb'12)
Ideas about Normalcy from around Florida
Online Social Networking Policy for Caregivers and Youth - Legal Opinion (Feb'12)

Normalcy Training and Resources

Resources and Publications
Normalcy Resources for Older Youth in Care (Office of Children and Families in the Courts)
Promoting Normalcy for Children and Youth in Foster Care (JLC, 2015)
Age Appropriate Activities and Responsibilities
An Open Letter to Foster Parents and Residential Group Providers (Feb'12)
DCF Memo: Normalcy, Babysitting, Vacation, and Emergency Care for Children in Out of Home Care (3/5/13)
DCF Memo from Secretary Wilkins (1/20/12)
DCF Memo - 2010 'Normalcy'
DCF Memo - 2005 Normalcy for Children in the Custody of the Department
Normalcy Checklist (FL GAL Program, 2014)
Normalcy Guidelines (2006)
DCF Child Welfare Leadership Program Class Normalcy Training Packet (2008)
Normalcy Training- Trainer Guide (2008)
Normalcy Training (Presentation Slides 2008)
Normalcy Training - Fl Guardian Ad Litem (2014)
Video Training - Just In Time Training: Normalcy (2010)