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Silent Suffering: Responding to Self-Harm (05/18/2018) (1.0 hour)

When a Child Takes It Back: It Takes a Team - Successfully Prosecuting a Case With a Recanting Victim (06/01/2018) (1.5 hour)

Guardianship Assistance Program (05/22/2018) (2.0 hours)

Emotional Intelligence: More than a Feeling (05/09/2018) (1.0 hour)

Rebuilding Hope After Trauma (05/09/2018) (1.0 hour)

Supervised Parent-Child Visitation/Family Time: Just the Facts (05/09/2018) (1.0 hour)

The Movement of Healing (05/09/2018)
(No Child Welfare Professional In-Service Training Hours Available)

Florida's Child Welfare Professional Training: Claiming Title IV-E Training Costs (05/04/2018)
(No Child Welfare Professional In-Service Training Hours Available)

Special Education: An Overview (04/27/2018) (1.0 hour)

Psychotherapeutic Psychotropic Medication (04/26/2018) (CC) (2.0 hours)

Making Everyday Moments, Communication Moments (04/19/2018) (1.0 hour)

Busting Myths and Uncovering the Ins and Outs of the Florida Abuse Hotline (04/19/2018) (1.0 hour)

Child Sexual Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (04/19/2018) (1.5 hour)