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  Understanding Tourette Syndrome in Children
(07/16/2017) | Running Time: (47:04)
FSFN Basic Functionality for Child Welfare Partners
(07/19/2017) | (No Child Welfare Professional In-service Training Hours Available)
Civil Rights Laws: Implications for Persons with Limited English Proficiency and Persons with Disabilities in the Provision of Child Welfare Services
(06/17/2017) | Running Time: (1:52:06)
Getting to Permanency: Partners in Advocacy
(06/17/2017) | Running Time: (1:09:21)
Mental Health, Parents, Kids, and Family Dynamics
(05/31/2017) | Running Time: (1:21:19)
Integrating Behavioral Health and The Child Welfare Practice Model
(05/08/2017) | Running Time: (1:30:48)
Impact of Substance Abuse on Child Welfare with Emphasis on Medicated Assisted Treatment
(06/22/2017) | Running Time: (1:51:45)
Countering the Shame of the Resource Parent and Family
(05/12/2017) | Running Time: (83:13)
Countering the Shame of the Foster or Adopted Child: Healing the Wounds of the Past by Creating a More Loving Present
(05/12/2017) | Running Time: (91:31)
Understanding Shame: The Secret Disruptor of Family Harmony
(05/12/2017) | Running Time: (83:92)
A Voice Heard - Program and Legislative Goals
(06/17/2017) | Running Time: (62:44)
Co-Parenting in Kinship Families with Birth Parents
(06/16/2017) | Running Time: (36:17)
Methadone 101
(06/02/2017) | Running Time: (74:36)