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Presented by: Jessica Lorenzi Lead Communications Specialist Division of Consumer Services Florida Department of Financial Services & Denishia Sword Chief of Education, Advocacy and Research Division of Consumer Services Florida Department of Financial Services

Training Description: An overview of common financial frauds and scams that youth fall victim to, red flags and tips on how to avoid these scams.

A Q&A session will follow the presentation.

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This webinar is hosted by Youth At Risk of Homelessness, Children's Bureau, Mathematica Policy Research

Join the Children’s Bureau, the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation, and Mathematica Policy Research for a one-hour webinar on Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 3 pm (eastern). During the webinar, Catherine Heath from the Children’s Bureau will provide an overview of the YARH multi-phase grant project. Cay Bradley and Andrew Burwick from Mathematica Policy Research will speak about the supports provided to YARH grantees and discuss three recent publications focused on: (1) an overview of the YARH multi-year grant program, (2) challenges grantees faced and how they were addressed through technical assistance, and (3) methods YARH grantees used to engage youth in the development of the comprehensive service models. This webinar will highlight how experiences and lessons from the YARH grant may be useful to federal, state, and local stakeholders working in child welfare, youth homelessness, youth development, and related fields.

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Courtney Smith, MSW, DCF Permanency and Well Being Manager

Phyllis Stephens, Kinship Caregiver and National Advocate

Tracy Schiro, QPI Advocate

David Brown, MSW, QPI Advocate

Description: The roll out and implementation of the Level 1 licensing process and the Guardian Assistance Program (GAP) represents a significant shift in the caregiver structure within the Florida Child Welfare System. This webcast is intended to provide an overview of the Level 1 licensing process and GAP program for both child welfare staff and caregivers. We will also have a kinship caregiver Phyllis Stevens from Philadelphia to provide her perspective on the unique challenges kinship caregivers face and how our system can work to ensure their needs in supporting our children are met. We will also have former California Assistant County Child Welfare Director Tracy Schiro on the webcast to share her experience in leading a county transition into licensing kinship and fictive kin. We look forward to her insight into California’s lessons learned and successful practices. If you have any general questions you would like to ask, you can send your questions to dbrown@qpiylc.org.

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Presented by: Atarri Hall, Florida Department of Children and Families

Colleen LaCosta, FAST Coordinator Florida FAPA

Facilitator: Carol Edwards, Quality Parenting Initiative Consultant

Description: The Florida Department of Children and Families Partnership Plan provides that we are all responsible for the wellbeing of children and recognizes that we must undertake this responsibility together in a respectful partnership, as none of us can succeed by ourselves. However, working in partnership during times of crisis, particularly during an investigation of a caregiver, can become very difficult. In the spirit of the partnership plan, stakeholders worked together with the Florida Department of Children and Families to develop a new approach to handling investigations of caregivers. The overarching goal of a new approach is to ensure investigations are conducted in a manner that strengthens families to support the children that are placed in their care, and to avoid children experiencing unnecessary trauma. This process requires our agency to look within our own system of care at the responsiveness of the agency to meet the needs of the child and the caregiver.

This webcast will explore the foundational principles of the new investigations approach and will further explore how this approach will strengthen partnerships and families. As a participant, you can expect to learn about the following: How does the new approach strengthen communication between caregivers and the agency they are working with? What tools and assessments are being used to support and strengthen families? What supports are available to caregivers during an investigations process? We look forward to you joining us on this webcast as we continue to learn more about how we all are responsible for ensuring children receive quality parenting, even in challenging circumstances.

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SAVE THE DATE! Two days of training for $100!*

Adoption Professionals Track & Independent Living Professionals Track will run concurrently over the dates of May 16th & 17th (a detailed agenda will be forthcoming)

The Adoption Track will cover topics related to:

• Extended Maintenance Adoption Subsidy

• Guardianship Assistance Program

• Adoption Reports

The IL Track will cover topics related to:

• Transition Planning

• Extended Foster Care

• Life Skills

Adoptive Parent training (Saturday only) $50**

Educational Opportunity for Adoptive Parents on Saturday, May 18, 2019

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