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Dependency Court Improvement Survey

Florida's Dependency Court Improvement Panel has formed a Quality Hearing Project Workgroup, which has been diligently working to create a survey to obtain feedback on the current state of dependency hearings in Florida. This feedback will be reviewed and used by the workgroup in development of a plan to improve the quality of dependency court proceedings. The survey is being shared with multiple stakeholders within dependency, including dependency judges, magistrates and staff, DCF, GAL staff and volunteers, foster parents, and others. In fact, I am sure some of you have already received this survey based on your affiliation with various professional groups. Please feel free to participate in this survey and share with others who may take part in dependency hearings.

The survey will be available until November 25, 2019.

Thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions, please contact Maggie Lewis: lewism@flcourts.org

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If your circuit, agency or program has a new initiative or innovative practice you would like us to highlight please contact us HERE.

This Week

This webinar will address how brain science explains the quality of elasticity in our brain function. It will describe how we can use this quality to develop new behaviors and thinking patterns that help us build resilience and wellness. Participants will learn how to identify more subtle, long-term impacts of trauma on their belief systems and how to engage in positive changes using what we know about elasticity

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Being able to communicate and work together with the mother(s) of their child(ren) helps noncustodial fathers to stay connected to their children. When the relationship between parents is contentious, it may pose a barrier to fathers’ full engagement in the lives of their children. This webinar will provide insight into the dynamics of co-parenting relationships and noncustodial father involvement. The webinar will also address the ways that difficult dynamics between co-parents add challenges to the work of serving and supporting families, and offer strategies for service providers to support families more holistically by valuing and engaging mothers and fathers and promoting effective co-parenting relationships.

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This webinar is hosted by Human Rights Campaign

This webinar covers foundational information related to serving LGBTQ youth and families. Topics include key terminology and concepts, an overview of the barriers faced by LGBTQ youth and families in child welfare, and the steps all service providers can take to overcome these barriers in order to create a welcoming environment.

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This webinar is hosted by Child Study Center

What is the right thing to do when a young child argues, whines, and refuses to listen? Parents, caregivers, and teachers seeking solutions for disruptive behavior are often inundated with conflicting information. In this webinar, Dr. Dylann Gold, sets the record straight with some practical strategies for keeping the peace in your home or classroom.

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The Safe Children Coalition is pleased to announce thier tenth annual conference call for proposals. The annual conference anticipates 250 child welfare professionals and community partners in attendance. They are seeking knowledgeable, dynamic speakers to present topics that will enhance attendees’ understanding and knowledge in an array of areas related to child welfare

If you are interested in being considered as a potential session presenter, please click here to submit a presentation proposal

The proposal submission deadline is December 13, 2019. All sessions should be 75 minutes.Selected presenters will be notified early January. If you have any questions or comments please contact conference@sccfl.org.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please click here to visit the SCC website