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Changes to Florida’s Center for Child Welfare

Our contract with Florida’s Department of Children and Families is ending October 31, 2022. As we transition through this process you will find that resources are moving to the My Florida Families Knowledge and Information Distribution Site (KIDS) located at https://myflfamilies.com/service-programs/child-welfare/kids/. As information becomes available, we will provide updates regarding certificates for training hours for Foster Parents and Child Welfare Professionals.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at centersupport@usf.edu

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This webinar is hosted by Addiction Technology Transfer Center Network

Despite the demands that come with a profession in the health and behavioral health care disciplines, providers are dedicated to their craft and enjoy a deep satisfaction from helping others. The other side of the job brings pressures and stress that can increase susceptibility to exhaustion leading to compassion fatigue and other occupational hazards. The consequences of compassion fatigue can decrease the provider’s emotional and physical well-being, influence the quality of care they provide for their clients, and negatively impact the interactions with coworkers and so creating an unhealthy work environment for themselves and others. The current health crisis has had a profound effect on people’s ability to cope for both communities and professionals, and the need for healthy providers is critical.

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It is no secret that vulnerable populations are much more at risk of being trafficked than others. Two groups that fall into that category are refugees and unaccompanied minors. People who are forced to flee leave behind their homes, their community support networks, and often end up socially and culturally isolated. They may lack access to resources, livelihood opportunities, and even legal status. These and other factors contribute to making refugees and unaccompanied minors targets for traffickers. Please join us for a discussion about the intersection between refugees and unaccompanied minors and human trafficking.

Presenters: Kristina Bailey, Anti-Trafficking Program Supervisor, International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Tallahassee; Kristina Montes, Child Protection Coordinator, South Florida, IRC in Miami; Cristobal Perez, Deputy Dir. of Programs & Data, Coalition for Independent Living Options

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The Florida Children and Families Summit is the largest child welfare event in Florida. The Department anticipates the convening of more than 3,000 child welfare professionals and related partners, including attorneys, case managers, child advocates, child protective investigators and supervisors, Child Protection Team staff, child welfare trainers, court staff, DCF staff, relative caregivers, foster and adoptive parents, guardians ad litem, judges, law enforcement, juvenile justice professionals, service providers, and youth.

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